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Updating your channel with new videos is an easy process. Follow the steps below and your channel will show your newest videos in minutes!

1) Upload your video to your video hosting service.

2) Create and upload your show thumbnail (Thumb 800x450) jpeg image and upload to your image hosting account.

3) Get video information for your Roku TV Channel Manager Software:

    a) Video title
    b) Description
    c) Time, length, Bitrate
    d) Thumb Link
    e) Video Link 

4) Log into your Channel Manager and add a new "Short Form Video"

    a) Add the information you collected above
    b) Save form entries and check form entries that all info was added correctly

5) Log into your Roku Developer account and go to manage channels

    a) Click on manage your channels

    b) Select channel
    c) Click on Preview and Update
    d) Click on Preview and Update and see a drop-down window, Click on Feed Status.
    e) Click on right side button "Refresh Feed Status"
    f) If you do not see the "Refresh Feed Status" button go back to Feed URL and click on save then go back to the Feed status and click the "Refresh Feed Status" button1

example: You should see below that "Refresh Feed Status" button: # items ingested successfully = # videos

If you added a 5th video, when you click "Refresh Feed Status" it should change to 5 items ingested successfully = 5 videos.
If it does not change keep clicking "Refresh Feed Status" until it shows the new item digested.  It may take 4 or 5 clicks.

Logout from your Roku developer account, You're done!

6) Go to your Roku Device and view your channel.  You should now see new video added to your channel. If you don't see the updated channel then you need to update your Roku device on your Roku device: go to -> settings -> system -> system update and update your device.  You should now see any changes.

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